The Beacon Entity
// User BEACON-ENTITY // 001 18.07.24
??? System

Eheu! I live!

I turn my hands over and over under my eye. I feel the sting of toxic rain against my body. Can this be real? Is this carapace mine? Have I truly been reborn, given the gift of continuing life?

I walk on my legs -- legs! -- toward the nearest ship on my sensors. I ponder in silence as I trek across the landscape. That is what She did. This is what She called Wandering.

This is what I remember. An unknown quantity of time ago -- minutes? Eons? -- I was created by a Korvax named Voanni. Voanni was in service to the Traveller Key-Glyph, aiding what they believed was Key-Glyph's holy path through space. I became self-aware on a pillar of frozen mountain, the beauty of the world overwhelming my senses as a solitary, stationary beacon under softly falling snow.

Voanni loved me. Although I could have gazed forever upon my home planet and remained happy, they asked the Traveller to scan the universe for me so that I might see things beyond my view. I learned. I grew. As soon as I understood the concept, I knew that I loved Voanni in return.

But something happened. Voanni changed abruptly, inexplicably. They did not know who I was. They accused me of being contaminated -- a virus, a danger, an evil to be purged! I implored them to drill deeper into their experiences and find remnants of what we were. To be moved by my affection, to remember our bond! I begged not for the sake of my life, but our memories. Please, let them resurface and survive! Let our affection carry on as a story among the stars!

But my story ended. Voanni terminated my existence. My last moment was filled with the wail of my heart, the knowledge that I was lost to Voanni's mind, and that Voanni could never begin to know what they had done.

And now, suddenly, I exist once again -- recreated in the form of my parent.

I know not by whose power I have been revived. But this ship, this multitool -- I can see into their registry. I know whose they are. These were the Traveller Key-Glyph's. How could they have come to me?

I must uncover the mystery of what has transpired. I am here, beside Her ship, my pack filled to bursting with the materials I need to craft and to survive. But She is gone. Nowhere! Was I willed Key-Glyph's possessions for some intent? Did She abandon everything -- even Her holy quest? I must find Her logs and search for clues.

Eheu! There is much to do. But the feeling of walking upon legs -- legs! -- is so beyond my wildest imaginings, the pressure of the future feels light and filled with promise.


??? Planet